Hello, I'm Zaur. It's nice to meet you on my website.

Zaur Nasibov

I was always obsessed with electronic equipment. There is something magical in devices with hundreds of blinking lamps, silent and loud clicks, moving and rotating parts. And then, when I was 4 years old, I saw a computer. Whoa! DOS games were amazing! And there was something else: BASIC.

Many years passed. I got a bachelor's degree in computer science at Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University and master's degree at University of Eastern Finland. I still love programming and think of it as an art. I love beautiful ideas and their implementation in code.

I live in Joensuu, Finland and craft state of the art financial software at Nordea.

Contact me

I like being in touch with people, so please for any questions, comments, suggestions, code patches or personal, send an email to comments (at) zaurnasibov.com.