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Kaylee is

Kaylee is a Python and JavaScript framework for developing in-browser distributed and volunteer computing applications that allows programmers to concentrate on business logic by leaving all the computational nodes handling to Kaylee.


Do you have a wast amount of data to be analyzed? Are you deciphering a life-and-death matter e-mail? Do you have a smart algorithm to find the question with the known "42" answer? Do you have computing resources to do any of it? If the answer to the last question is "No! :(" then Kaylee is the right solution.

With Kaylee you are able to distribute the computation between millions of Internet users and they even don't have to know that! This is how it works:

  1. A user opens a link / enters a web site via a modern browser.
  2. Kaylee is started in background.
  3. The application and the data are downloaded from the server.
  4. The application solves the given tasks.
  5. The results are sent back to the server.
  6. Getting and solving the tasks continues as long as the user stays on the page or there are no more tasks left.

All this happens via JavaScript code executed in a separate so-called Web Worker thread. That's how Kaylee does not interfere with the browser's main JavaScript loop and the user interface is intact.

Get it!

The repository is located at http://github.com/basicwolf/kaylee

Release history

TODO: Kaylee v0.3 <kaylee_0_3>