Kaylee v0.3

Posted on 20 June 2013 in Articles • 2 min read

What is new in Kaylee 0.3

Kaylee environment and project management scripts

This is the sweetest feature of Kaylee. Since the first release I felt that although Kaylee may be an interesting project to an end user (meaning a programmer), it has a pretty big fence which one has to jump over to start using it. The tutorial was written in a plain and simple language, yet a user had to create a Makefile, learn about Kaylee's recursive-make-based build system and perform some other simple but inconvenient operations.

The best way out of this were management scripts inspired by the Django framework. Now, a user can simply run:

python kaylee-admin.py startenv myenv

to create a Kaylee development environment directory with a management script inside it. The management script helps creating, building and testing the projects, e.g.:

python klmanage.py startproject FastPI

- creates a fastpi directory with the project's server and client-side skeletons.

Built-in debug server

This feature is about testing and debugging your project without installing a 3d party web server. Simply execute

python klmanage.py run

after building the environment. The command starts a local web server, and launches the first available application defined in the environment's settings.py. The application is then by-default accessible via

Native Werkzeug framework support

Now you can easily integrate Kaylee into your Werkzeug -based web application via native API. This is the third front-end framework which is supported by Kaylee out-of-the box. The other two are Django and Flask.

Demo projects repository

At last, all Kaylee demo projects, including the tutorial project are gathered under a separate repository on github: https://github.com/BasicWolf/kaylee-demo-projects In addition to the projects, the repository includes a special build script which automatically creates a Kaylee demo environment, builds the projects and starts the built-in debug server.

Updated unit tests and massive code improvements

Finally, there are lots of code improvements covered with unit tests. All to make sure that Kaylee would be solid-stable the day it reaches the maturity version :)